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“The Garden of Skin Remedy”

Here is where you can find wild harvested herbs and botanics right in Justine Kahn’s backyard in Sausalito, CA. Every week we want to share with you all why each one of these herbs are curated into our very own Skin Remedy products to provide you with natural and effective skin care. French Lavender is known to be antiseptic and anti-fungal which helps speed up the process of wound healing. Lavender also has the ability to work as a stimulate to increase blood flow within the skin to bring oxygen to our cells for rapid cellular turn over, which makes it fantastic for all skin types. You can find our wild harvested French Lavender in our Skin Remedy oil based Serum for calm, radiant, beautiful skin.
Is there another botanical you are curious about from The Garden of Skin Remedy? Let us know!