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Skin Remedy Tips

Hello, Beauties!
Tarren here, and I have some skin care tips for you. These are some favorites that have made a world of difference for both myself and my clients…
-Toners. Toners could possibly be the most underrated of skin products. A good toner will balance out the PH of your skin and give you an extra cleanse. And of course my personal favorite is SR’s own Neroli Toner. Love this stuff!
-AHAs & BHAs are king and queen when it comes to exfoliating. Acids exfoliate the skin in a deeper way that a physical exfoliant, like a washcloth or scrub, cannot. Depending on your skin, physical exfoliants can also spread bacteria and further aggravate inflammation. Yuck!
-Having a mysterious break out? Paying attention to food triggers, such as sugar, gluten and dairy, can teach you what does not work for your skin. Try cutting one of these out for a solid week and see if it makes a difference. It’s less daunting than one would think, and if you have some sort of intolerance it will totally be worth any sort of inconvenience.