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Happy Friday Skin Remedy Fans!
As we all transition into our weekend, we’d like to share some skincare wisdom and tips for those in their twenties, by our very own Katie Woods!
“I am in my late 20’s now. Luckily, I became interested in skincare at a young age, which drove me into my career as an esthetician. Throughout the years, I’ve researched and experimented with many different products, regimens and most importantly, Ingredients! In your twenties, it’s all about creating and maintaining great habits to shift you into your thirties with a fresh, healthy glow! Bring it on 30’s!
As much as I would love to write a book here on “everything skincare”, I am instead, going to focus on a few tips that I find particularly important.
-Stop over stripping your skin! You’re a big girl now, Please get rid of that Neutrogena and bar soap! Many of these cleansers and soaps with low grade ingredients can be very stripping to the skin. You may feel “squeaky clean” but in reality, your skin is stripped and left vulnerable until its proper Ph is restored. Don’t strip the life out of your skin, find a great skincare therapist to guide you in investing in a gentle high quality cleanser.
-Exfoliate! If you don’t properly exfoliate, then that amazing hydrating serum, or night cream won’t work to its fullest potential. This is because dead skin acts as a barrier over the surface, hindering your products efficacy. I’m a big fan of AHA’s in gently speeding up cell renewel! And of course, as an added bonus, exfoliating makes you glow!
-Embrace Oil and Moisturizers! For the longest time, in both diet and skincare, we became obsessed with avoiding oil. We now know, that the right kinds of oils are essential for our body, both internally and externally. I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they cleanse and don’t moisturize. Please don’t do this, it’s important to create a healthy balance and find the RIGHT oils for your particular skin. (Ex. using squalene oil over avocado oil enables the oil to penetrate and nourish the skin verses causing a thick greasy film over the surface)
-Find a great sunscreen! Your early 20’s is a great time to find a high quality SPF that you love! I recommend and use Suntegrity which is zinc oxide based, is lightweight and has a very light coverage.
-Consistency is KEY! I think of skincare as exercise. It’s better to work your body out consistently for 20 minutes daily then to workout weekly for 2 hours. Similarly, it’s better to utilize a gentle AHA toner on a daily basis then just going to an esthetician for an intense “peel” every few months. If you find the right regimen and are consistent then I promise, you’ll see the results!
-Lighten and Brighten in those “dull” months! The best time to repair skin damage and “lighten” and “brighten” the skin is during those months where we see less sunshine and spend less time outdoors. This is because products that are meant to rejuvenate and stimulate cell renewal are usually those which also make our skin photosensitive (UV sensitive). So, focus on repairing and evening out skin tone in those fall and winter months!
Book an appointment @ Skin Remedy to get a customized skincare regimen and personal skincare advice- It’s our specialty! These are a few of the tips I’ve accumulated over the many years of being an esthetician. Keeping your skin beautiful is about consistency and experimentation!
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle
Happy Weekend To All!