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Skin Remedy of the Week

How to master that “dewy glow” look with some of our favorite products.
Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t sport that beautiful fresh summer glow all winter long.
Here’s how to make it happen with some of our favorite products..
First off, it is so important to keep the skin hydrated. 80% of people have dehydrated skin, so there’s a good chance that’s YOU. Our favorite product to deliver hydration to the skin is Skin Remedy’s very own Hydrating Serum made by our founder. This serum is a base of hyaluronic acid which delivers a huge drink of water to the skin while the juniper and cucumber extract calm and soothe.
Lastly, Moisture, moisture, moisture… Our skin can’t glow when it lacks moisture. The best time to replenish the skin is the nighttime when your skin is repairing and rebuilding. We absolutely love our treatment oil. Put this on at night after your hydrating serum and wake up to a beautiful soft complexion.
Also, a little highlight in the face does wonders to “glow” up a complexion. Try RMS Beauty’s “living luminizer”, apply it to the cheek bones and underneath the brow for a little “pick me up”.
Come by and see us at Skin Remedy and we can mix you up your own regimen to keep your skin glowing all season long!