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“After Workout Breakouts Be Gone!”

Here comes the lovely warm weather! The time of year where we break out the tank-tops and skirts. Also, it’s a time where we tend to up our game at the gym, working hard to tone and feel lighter and healthier.

Often times, I get clients who complain of more consistent breakouts when they intensify their workout routine. More often then not, this is due to the fact that they’re not washing their face immediately following their workout. The best thing you can do is always wear clean workout clothes, and immediately remove them, hop in the shower and cleanse your entire face an body. However, sometimes our hectic schedules get in the way and we can’t shower immediately.

Here’s a great QUICK and easy anti-bacterial toner that you can bring with you to class or the gym when you’re unable to hit the showers immediately! This will assist in killing bacteria on the surface of the skin that causes those pesky breakouts!

You will need:
-A small sterile spray bottle
-Witch hazel
-Apple cider vinegar
-Essential oil (lavender, tea tree and lemon all all great)

-2 cups witch hazel
-1/4 cup of braggs apple cider vinegar
-15 drops essential oil

Mix together and shake before use! Use this before your workout to help remove makeup then again after when you can’t fully wash!

No excuses now! Happy exercising!

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