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SR Lip Balm
Say Goodbye to Chapped Lips!
Skin Remedy’s Lip Balm is formulated with a Beeswax base followed by moisturizing Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter with added lip care protection of Rosehip seed oil, Squalene, Goldenseal and Vitamin E.
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SR Bath Salts
Take a bath with our Skin Remedy Bath Salts mixed with our own eucalyptus essential oil to detoxify and soothe muscle tension. This works wonders for any post workout!

The Garden of Skin Remedy
The Garden of Skin Remedy grows a gorgeous Bulgarian Rose essential oil that is infused into our daily facial moisturizer and toner. Rose is so much more then a beautiful scent it has many healthy skin benefits. For instance, rose is a healing antiseptic that is affective in treating wounds while preventing any form of infection on the skin. It can be used on all skin types especially those who have sensitized skin, like rosacea. While using our daily facial moisturizer you will experience the calming light scent of our very own Bulgarian Rose essential oil that will effectively reduce redness and inflammation in the skin.
Have you tried our moisturizer and toner yet?
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SR Now Offers Hard Wax
Hard wax is great for all skin types and can be used on the whole body. We love it here at Skin Remedy because it is applied at a low temperature and sticks to the hair and not the skin, therefore its less painful and more gentle. As an added bonus, using hard wax saves a tree by not having the need to use any strips to remove wax off the body. We want to help you and our environment with our special biodegradable wax. Book now at — at Skin Remedy SF.

Rainy Afternoon
Nothing to do on a rainy afternoon? COME VISIT US!
Our talented Estheticians have openings today!
Katie has an opening at 2:30PM for a Skin Remedy Facial and
Tarren has an opening at 2:45PM for a Quick Fix Facial & 4:00PM opening for a waxing appointment.
If you would like to snag these appointments give us a call at
(415) 795-3252

After Wax Oil

At Skin Remedy we care about all of the ingredients that go into our services. After receiving a wax, you will now be treated to our application of complementary after wax oil. This lovely oil uses the power of Lemon Verbena to repair tissue, heal and hydrate. Plus, it has powerful antiseptic properties and is great for sensitive skin. Grown in Skin Remedy’s garden in Sausalito, this special oil is cold pressed, creating a unreal scent while it delivers powerful post wax benefits. To make our waxing services even sweeter, don’t forget to get your loyalty card for all Brazilian waxes, receive 4 waxes and the 5th is on us! Happy summer!

The Garden of Skin Remedy

Rose Geranium has a beautiful uplifting scent that has the sweet smell of rose with a refreshing hint of mint.
We use Rose Geranium in our products because it also has amazing benefits for the skin. At Skin Remedy we actually grow our own Geranium and then distill it in a Copper still making our own hydrosol. Hydrosol is the plant proteins, the essence of the plant.
The Geranium Hydrosol helps aid in keeping our skin in a healthy balance while controlling the secretion of the sebum(oils) in check.You can find our Rose Geranium distillation in our Hydrating Serum that is also packed with Hyaluronic acid making it the perfect serum to add to your regimen this Summer.

Brazilian Punch Cards

Because we love you and warmer days are ahead of us… Skin Remedy would like to give back with this special offering. Introducing Brazilian punch cards! The only way to make this service painless is to not have to pay for it, Wahoo!!
*Receive four Brazilian waxes and get the fifth free!
Make your appointment through our Booker system online or call us at (415) 795-3252 email
This promotion is good from now till October 1st
(Valid for wax and sugaring Brazilians ONLY)

“The Garden of Skin Remedy”

Here is where you can find wild harvested herbs and botanics right in Justine Kahn’s backyard in Sausalito, CA. Every week we want to share with you all why each one of these herbs are curated into our very own Skin Remedy products to provide you with natural and effective skin care. French Lavender is known to be antiseptic and anti-fungal which helps speed up the process of wound healing. Lavender also has the ability to work as a stimulate to increase blood flow within the skin to bring oxygen to our cells for rapid cellular turn over, which makes it fantastic for all skin types. You can find our wild harvested French Lavender in our Skin Remedy oil based Serum for calm, radiant, beautiful skin.
Is there another botanical you are curious about from The Garden of Skin Remedy? Let us know!

Introducing Suntegrity to Skin Remedy!

Suntegrity was founded by Tricia Trimble who started her line of fantastic sunscreens in honor of her mother who passed away from melanoma cancer. Suntegrity provides both face and body sunscreens with broad spectrum UVA/UVB mineral protection using non-nano sized zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is known to calm any irritations on the skin which makes it great for acne, rosacea and melasma suffers. Tricia’s sunscreens are also formulated with supercharged antioxidants and Hyaluronic acid which aids in stimulating collagen production while giving you a boost of hydration. At Skin Remedy we want to offer and educate our customers about the importance in using a non-toxic sunscreen that will be safe to incorporate into our daily lives.