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Skincare Tip Of The Week

Cucumber Lemon Mint Refresher

Today’s “Skin Remedy” is a refreshment we could all use to stay hydrated throughout our day! Cucumber has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and when added to water it is an excellent source of hydration. Lemon is detoxifying and helps cleanse our bodies of harmful toxins. Mint helps settle our stomachs and aids in digestion. It also adds a hint of sweetness to this refresher without adding any sugar, It is important to keep our bodies hydrated to have healthy supple skin.

You will need:
1 organic cucumber
1 organic lemon
1 bunch of fresh mint
1 42oz Mason jar

Cut up cucumber, lemon and pick about twelve mint leaves then add to your mason jar. Mix ingredients around and add water. Refrigerate overnight to get full benefits out of each ingredient,


What makes the Signature Skin Remedy Facial Different?

It’s very common for spa menus to have a “customized” facial. In fact, customization is all the rage in the world of spa treatments. At Skin Remedy we take it up a notch and go above and beyond what is traditionally considered a customized facial.

Skin Remedy is the only place where you can receive a pampering, effective and truly customized facial. Our estheticians are specifically trained to custom tailor your facial with active raw ingredients right in the treatment room. That means, we can adjust your facial based solely on your unique individual skincare needs.

At SR, our focus is ingredients and how and why they work to unveil your very best skin. Think of us as Skin Alchemists mixing your skins unique perfect potion for each and every facial we provide!

Best of all, it doesn’t stop in the treatment room. Your daily skincare regimen will have the biggest impact on your skins overall health which is why our amazing skincare line is tailored just as our facial treatments..

“You’re skin is extra dehydrated you say? No problem, let’s add a little extra hyaluronic acid to your moisturizer today”

Book your Skin Remedy Facial today and you’ll see and feel the Difference!

Geranium Hydrosol

Remember that thriving Geranium plant we’ve been nourishing on the Skin Remedy deck?! Well today The Skin Remedy team transformed it into a beautiful Geranium Hydrosol in sunny Sausalito- We’re pretty darn lucky! We will be utilizing it in our facial treatments, can’t wait to spoil you all with it!

What are you getting that special someone for Valentines Day?! There’s nothing like a pampering experience to say “I Love You”. Order a Skin Remedy Gift Certificate online!

A Few Reasons Why You Should Get Into A Facial Routine @ Skin Remedy

• Stimulates blood and lymph flow aiding to the flow of oxygen and bringing nutrients to skin and underlying tissues. This also assists in removal of waste product and toxins.

• Helps with dull, lifeless and congested skin.

• Assist in maintenance of tone in underlying tissue therefore, assisting to prevent wrinkles.

• Helps Skins Natural elasticity.

• Refines skins texture, making it smooth and increasing it’s ability to receive active ingredients.

• Contributes to cellular regeneration, helping to prevent premature aging.

• Gives the skin a more youthful appearance immediately.

• Assists in relaxing the nervous system, in turn assisting in relaxation of facial muscles.

• Assists in normal functioning of oil/water balance, keeping the skin supple and PH balanced.

• Aids in natural protection assisting imperfections from forming.

Best of all, our facials give you an absolutely gorgeous glow! Begin taking care of your skin NOW. It’s never too early and never to late to make an impact. See you @Skin Remedy!

Try our new Toon Soaps!
We love our new Toon soaps at Skin Remedy, if you haven’t had a chance to pick one up it’s a must try experience, hand made by our in-house scientist Clayton Toon.
Of course all of our soaps are made with the highest quality of ingredients, along with fun extracts such as coffee and green tea. Give your skin a little pep in it’s step!

Come try sugaring for free!

Are you well-versed in the magic of sugaring? Come try sugaring for free!
As you may have read in our Skin Remedy Tip of the Week, Sugaring is in! Are you well-versed in the magic of sugaring? Are you curious? The newest addition to the Skin Remedy team, Tarren, is in the process of perfecting the art of sugaring!
If you would be interested in receiving a free brazilian sugaring service in exchange for being a model, please email to set up an appointment! Tarren has had years of experience with hair removal and is fairly confident in this new endeavor of sugaring, but you can never have too much practice and your help would be greatly appreciated!
*Please note that Justine or Katie will be present in the room, assisting*

Dearest Clients,
As many of you know by now my husband Christopher and I are expecting our first baby at the end of April. We could not be more excited about this wonderful addition to our family, but with it comes some changes for Skin Remedy.
I will be taking a few months off to spend with our new baby girl and will be back in the summer with limited hours. I have loved being able to nurture all of my clients through our personal relationships as well as with the Skin Remedy product line. I wish I could be wonder women and be at two places as once, but at this crucial time in my life I need to be at home with our new addition.
I have spent the last three years training Katie Woods and she is nothing short of a master Esthetician. Her touch and knowledge base is something to be experienced! Katie has the highest level of training with a cidesco certification. She will be stepping into my shoes as I take maternity leave as the head honcho and has been paying close attention to my direction around each one of you and your needs.
I have also recently hired Tarren Brooks, Tarren came to Skin Remedy with years of experience in the beauty industry and has gone through our rigorous training and is now taking clients. Tarren a gives the same amount of consideration to each client as Katie and myself and has studied with the Nova studio, the same training I did to learn about raw natural ingredient’s and organic skin care. She is well versed in all of our treatments and is a total doll! I feel so lucky to be able to bring you the best this industry has to offer with talented Estheticians such as Katie and Tarren!
I will also continue to bring you the Skin Remedy product line with help from our resident scientist Clayton Toon. I will miss all of you dearly as I depart from our routine visits, and thank you all for your continued support as I move into motherhood. I wish I knew exactly how long I will need to be home caring for our new baby. One thing I do know is, I love being a Esthetician, love all of you and will be back in action in no time! Please see below for all the upcoming changes.

Starting Feb 1st-
*Justine moves to Friday-Monday schedule
Friday 11-6pm
Saturday 9-5pm
Sunday 10-6pm
Monday 11-7pm
*Katie Woods schedule Tues- Sat
*Tarren Brooks schedule Sun- Thurs
*First week of April off for maternity leave and expect to return for a very limited schedule in the beginning of July

*Both Katie and Tarren are available through our online booking system for your convenience. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to email me at

Skin Remedy of the Week
*Why Sugar’s The New Wax*
Hard wax, Soft Wax, Honey Wax, Cream Wax, SUGAR!? What the heck is Sugar!? Sugar hair removal is my personal favorite for those particularly sensitive areas of the body. In comparison to wax, there are so many reasons why this form of hair removal is quickly gaining popularity. Here are a few.. Sugar paste is simply made from sugar, water and lemon and is a paste verses a wax. This paste is gently worked into the hair, against the growth, then pulled out in the same direction as the follicle with no sticks or strips necessary. Sugar pulls on the hair, not the skin, resulting in less irritation and inflammation making it wonderful for those with super sensitive skin. Not only is there less sensitivity involved, many clients also experience longer lasting results, less ingrown hairs and overtime many enjoy a permanent lack of hair growth. One of my favorite features of sugar is that it’s fully compostable, making it a service with zero waste. So, what are you waiting for!? Give us a call and try sugaring today, Mother Earth thanks you!

Skin Remedy of the Week

Clogged Pores = Wasted Product

Clean pores are key to healthy skin. Extractions are an important step to any thorough facial and at home skincare regimen. Exfoliating the excess oil, dirt and dead skin buildup enables ingredients to properly penetrate the skin instead of it acting as a barrier. This makes products much more beneficial and effective. Plus, regular cleansing and exfoliation are important in removing pollution and prevents acne bacteria buildup. Book a facial today at Skin Remedy and we can customize a skincare regimen just for you!