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Dearest Clients,
As many of you know by now my husband Christopher and I are expecting our first baby at the end of April. We could not be more excited about this wonderful addition to our family, but with it comes some changes for Skin Remedy.
I will be taking a few months off to spend with our new baby girl and will be back in the summer with limited hours. I have loved being able to nurture all of my clients through our personal relationships as well as with the Skin Remedy product line. I wish I could be wonder women and be at two places as once, but at this crucial time in my life I need to be at home with our new addition.
I have spent the last three years training Katie Woods and she is nothing short of a master Esthetician. Her touch and knowledge base is something to be experienced! Katie has the highest level of training with a cidesco certification. She will be stepping into my shoes as I take maternity leave as the head honcho and has been paying close attention to my direction around each one of you and your needs.
I have also recently hired Tarren Brooks, Tarren came to Skin Remedy with years of experience in the beauty industry and has gone through our rigorous training and is now taking clients. Tarren a gives the same amount of consideration to each client as Katie and myself and has studied with the Nova studio, the same training I did to learn about raw natural ingredient’s and organic skin care. She is well versed in all of our treatments and is a total doll! I feel so lucky to be able to bring you the best this industry has to offer with talented Estheticians such as Katie and Tarren!
I will also continue to bring you the Skin Remedy product line with help from our resident scientist Clayton Toon. I will miss all of you dearly as I depart from our routine visits, and thank you all for your continued support as I move into motherhood. I wish I knew exactly how long I will need to be home caring for our new baby. One thing I do know is, I love being a Esthetician, love all of you and will be back in action in no time! Please see below for all the upcoming changes.

Starting Feb 1st-
*Justine moves to Friday-Monday schedule
Friday 11-6pm
Saturday 9-5pm
Sunday 10-6pm
Monday 11-7pm
*Katie Woods schedule Tues- Sat
*Tarren Brooks schedule Sun- Thurs
*First week of April off for maternity leave and expect to return for a very limited schedule in the beginning of July

*Both Katie and Tarren are available through our online booking system for your convenience. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to email me at info@skinremedysf.com