100 mins $260

This full-body treatment begins with a tranquil application of Botnia’s Luminous Body Scrub. Slip under our warm blankets while this handmade scrub, scented with lemongrass and neroli and richly textured with Atlantic sea salt, shea butter, and cocoa butter is gently massaged into your skin. Botnia’s exfoliating scrub is formulated more like a nourishing balm than a traditional body scrub, and we work it toward the lymphatic channels to help detoxify your body. This relaxing and renewing treatment sloughs off dead skin cells, improves circulation and revitalizes the body—all while conditioning your skin for a lasting glow.

Once you are fully massaged with our signature Bontia body scrub we cocooned you in our infrared heated blanket. Drift away while we will start your mini facial. Beginning with a light cleanse, our estheticians will custom mix an exfoliating mask and then a finishing mask specifically for your skin. Let yourself slip into a truly relaxed state of being. After your mask and scrub are gently removed with warm towels, you’ll emerge from this one-of-a-kind treatment feeling refreshed, exfoliated, and glowing from head to toe.  

This treatment can be performed with Botnia’s nourishing Treatment Oil (instead of the body scrub) if you are sensitive to exfoliation—please make a note in the booking if you prefer this substitution.

Please note that we don’t have an on-site shower to use post-treatment. We recommend showering within a few hours of this treatment. We suggest wearing comfortable, loose clothing that you don’t mind getting product on.

*Not recommended for the claustrophobic or those who don’t like sweating.

*Contraindicated for pregnancy.

*Amazing pre-wedding ritual