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2 birds 1 stone

Meet Sarah, get a sugaring wax 20% off through the month of July.

Meet Sarah, our new esthetician!

Have you tried a Botnia facial?

It’s your lucky day, we’ve hired a new esthetician and for the entire month of June, we are offering 10% off both Facials with Sarah and products bought through her! Wahoo! Book your service and save!

Wahoo! Book your service and save!

Offer valid 6/1/17 – 7/1/17


I would like to start out by saying how very grateful I am for all the support you have shown us as we launch our fully re-branded line, Botnia. We have been working for years now to bring you simple skincare that truly loves your skin, and it means the world to us to have so much positive feedback from all of you who have been with us since the beginning.
Now that we have had the privilege to share that hard work with you, I wanted to be sure to take a moment to explain to you why we have revised the prices for the new Botnia product line.
As we continue to move forward, I have been carefully refining our mission as a responsible company. We are in the process of taking full control of our product line from whole plant to finished product in order to bring you skincare we wholeheartedly stand behind. Some ingredients we carefully source; some, we craft ourselves in our lab in Sausalito. Our focus is on buying locally, ensuring fair wages and working conditions for farmers, minimizing environmental impacts, and making as much as possible and growing as much as possible in our own gardens.
We are also working on sole-sourcing all of our raw botanicals. By purchasing each ingredient from a single farm or a single producer we are able to build the relationships that guarantee that our products are of the absolute highest quality. Furthermore, all of our new packaging is manufactured here in the United States from start to finish. To put it simply, these efforts mean that our ingredients are more expensive, but we know we can trust the products we are putting into your hands.
We have also turned an eye to the future and have hired Clayton Coker full-time to hand craft each product. Clayton has been a research Scientist for the last 8 years and is engaged in the further development of simple and potent products to care for your skin and protect its natural beauty.
We believe that our line of skincare is the very best. The new Botnia line may be more expensive than the Skin Remedy line of products, but they are a reflection of the costs associated with bringing you ethical, handmade, organic skincare of the absolute highest quality.

Skin Remedy of the Week

How to master that “dewy glow” look with some of our favorite products.
Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t sport that beautiful fresh summer glow all winter long.
Here’s how to make it happen with some of our favorite products..
First off, it is so important to keep the skin hydrated. 80% of people have dehydrated skin, so there’s a good chance that’s YOU. Our favorite product to deliver hydration to the skin is Skin Remedy’s very own Hydrating Serum made by our founder. This serum is a base of hyaluronic acid which delivers a huge drink of water to the skin while the juniper and cucumber extract calm and soothe.
Lastly, Moisture, moisture, moisture… Our skin can’t glow when it lacks moisture. The best time to replenish the skin is the nighttime when your skin is repairing and rebuilding. We absolutely love our treatment oil. Put this on at night after your hydrating serum and wake up to a beautiful soft complexion.
Also, a little highlight in the face does wonders to “glow” up a complexion. Try RMS Beauty’s “living luminizer”, apply it to the cheek bones and underneath the brow for a little “pick me up”.
Come by and see us at Skin Remedy and we can mix you up your own regimen to keep your skin glowing all season long!

Happy Holidays
Skin Remedy wishes you very happy Holidays!

The Good Life Blog
Skin Remedy is excited to announce our partnership with The Good Life blog and online boutique! Shop and find out why everyone will be talking about this amazing one stop shop! We have a crush on you Good Life and are super excited to be a part of your online boutique!!

SR Introduces Pecanolla
We all know that radiant skin is achieved not only by what we put on our skin, but what we put in our bodies. That’s why we are so excited to share with you our new and yummy addition to Skin Remedy…Belly Friendly Foods’ “Pecanolla!”
Pecanolla is a grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, honey sweetened granola. It is heavenly sprinkled on top of fruit and yogurt, in a bowl with almond milk or kefir, or simply by the handful for those of us on the go!
Like all the products we make or select to be part of Skin Remedy, there is an amazing amount of story, love and intention that has gone into the creation of Pecanolla to make the perfect granola that is both delicious and health giving. Grab some next time you visit!

Skin Remedy Insights

Happy Friday Skin Remedy Fans!
As we all transition into our weekend, we’d like to share some skincare wisdom and tips for those in their twenties, by our very own Katie Woods!
“I am in my late 20’s now. Luckily, I became interested in skincare at a young age, which drove me into my career as an esthetician. Throughout the years, I’ve researched and experimented with many different products, regimens and most importantly, Ingredients! In your twenties, it’s all about creating and maintaining great habits to shift you into your thirties with a fresh, healthy glow! Bring it on 30’s!
As much as I would love to write a book here on “everything skincare”, I am instead, going to focus on a few tips that I find particularly important.
-Stop over stripping your skin! You’re a big girl now, Please get rid of that Neutrogena and bar soap! Many of these cleansers and soaps with low grade ingredients can be very stripping to the skin. You may feel “squeaky clean” but in reality, your skin is stripped and left vulnerable until its proper Ph is restored. Don’t strip the life out of your skin, find a great skincare therapist to guide you in investing in a gentle high quality cleanser.
-Exfoliate! If you don’t properly exfoliate, then that amazing hydrating serum, or night cream won’t work to its fullest potential. This is because dead skin acts as a barrier over the surface, hindering your products efficacy. I’m a big fan of AHA’s in gently speeding up cell renewel! And of course, as an added bonus, exfoliating makes you glow!
-Embrace Oil and Moisturizers! For the longest time, in both diet and skincare, we became obsessed with avoiding oil. We now know, that the right kinds of oils are essential for our body, both internally and externally. I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they cleanse and don’t moisturize. Please don’t do this, it’s important to create a healthy balance and find the RIGHT oils for your particular skin. (Ex. using squalene oil over avocado oil enables the oil to penetrate and nourish the skin verses causing a thick greasy film over the surface)
-Find a great sunscreen! Your early 20’s is a great time to find a high quality SPF that you love! I recommend and use Suntegrity which is zinc oxide based, is lightweight and has a very light coverage.
-Consistency is KEY! I think of skincare as exercise. It’s better to work your body out consistently for 20 minutes daily then to workout weekly for 2 hours. Similarly, it’s better to utilize a gentle AHA toner on a daily basis then just going to an esthetician for an intense “peel” every few months. If you find the right regimen and are consistent then I promise, you’ll see the results!
-Lighten and Brighten in those “dull” months! The best time to repair skin damage and “lighten” and “brighten” the skin is during those months where we see less sunshine and spend less time outdoors. This is because products that are meant to rejuvenate and stimulate cell renewal are usually those which also make our skin photosensitive (UV sensitive). So, focus on repairing and evening out skin tone in those fall and winter months!
Book an appointment @ Skin Remedy to get a customized skincare regimen and personal skincare advice- It’s our specialty! These are a few of the tips I’ve accumulated over the many years of being an esthetician. Keeping your skin beautiful is about consistency and experimentation!
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle
Happy Weekend To All!

Skin Remedy Insights

Hi Skin Remedy Enthusiasts!
Catch up on some very interesting skin care insights on staying youthful in your forties from our very own Julie Osborn!
“I am in my mid forties now and my skin really has changed throughout the past couple of decades. No longer can I ride my youthful resilience and rely on basic maintenance to keep my skin looking healthy, I am now employed in the battle against time to hinder the aging process. I am sure many of you can relate!
There are many things you can do to help your skin appear more supple, smoother and youthful. Here are a few things I like to do to stay on top of it.
In your forties, skin dryness and excessive dehydration comes with the territory. This is because your dying skin cells are not replaced as quickly as when you were younger, and as a result can make your skin appear older and have a dull, uneven texture. Nobody wants that! For me, the answer lies not only in drinking plenty of water, but also adding a moisturizing serum underneath my daily/nightly moisturizer. My favorite is Skin Remedy’s own Hydrating Serum with hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid is a humectant which bonds moisture to the skin. After cleansing I massage a couple of pumps of this product into my skin and immediately see a fresher, plumper, dewier complexion. It feels beyond great and I look visibly younger!
Melasma, sun spots and freckles are the most common types of skin discoloration/hypepigmentation in your forties. They start coming on fast and seemingly out of nowhere. They are an accumulation of damage done to your skin over time from sun, the environment, and hormonal imbalances. A daily dose of topical vitamin A, or retinol, can help tremendously because it helps to slough away dead skin cells and reveal new growth underneath. For that reason it is also great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I personally started using Skin Remedy’s Retinol moisturizer every night and have noticed an evenness in my skin that I haven’t seen in years. What’s more is that retinol also helps control adult acne. A super, multi-faceted product!
I have never gotten so many compliments on my skin as I have in my forties and not only do I totally believe it, I can absolutely see it! A routine of facials and using the right products for my aging skin every single day has proven to be the key to my skin care success and the secret to keeping my skin looking youthful and glowing!”

Skin Remedy Tips

Hello, Beauties!
Tarren here, and I have some skin care tips for you. These are some favorites that have made a world of difference for both myself and my clients…
-Toners. Toners could possibly be the most underrated of skin products. A good toner will balance out the PH of your skin and give you an extra cleanse. And of course my personal favorite is SR’s own Neroli Toner. Love this stuff!
-AHAs & BHAs are king and queen when it comes to exfoliating. Acids exfoliate the skin in a deeper way that a physical exfoliant, like a washcloth or scrub, cannot. Depending on your skin, physical exfoliants can also spread bacteria and further aggravate inflammation. Yuck!
-Having a mysterious break out? Paying attention to food triggers, such as sugar, gluten and dairy, can teach you what does not work for your skin. Try cutting one of these out for a solid week and see if it makes a difference. It’s less daunting than one would think, and if you have some sort of intolerance it will totally be worth any sort of inconvenience.