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Skin Remedy of the Week
*Why Sugar’s The New Wax*
Hard wax, Soft Wax, Honey Wax, Cream Wax, SUGAR!? What the heck is Sugar!? Sugar hair removal is my personal favorite for those particularly sensitive areas of the body. In comparison to wax, there are so many reasons why this form of hair removal is quickly gaining popularity. Here are a few.. Sugar paste is simply made from sugar, water and lemon and is a paste verses a wax. This paste is gently worked into the hair, against the growth, then pulled out in the same direction as the follicle with no sticks or strips necessary. Sugar pulls on the hair, not the skin, resulting in less irritation and inflammation making it wonderful for those with super sensitive skin. Not only is there less sensitivity involved, many clients also experience longer lasting results, less ingrown hairs and overtime many enjoy a permanent lack of hair growth. One of my favorite features of sugar is that it’s fully compostable, making it a service with zero waste. So, what are you waiting for!? Give us a call and try sugaring today, Mother Earth thanks you!

Skin Remedy of the Week

Clogged Pores = Wasted Product

Clean pores are key to healthy skin. Extractions are an important step to any thorough facial and at home skincare regimen. Exfoliating the excess oil, dirt and dead skin buildup enables ingredients to properly penetrate the skin instead of it acting as a barrier. This makes products much more beneficial and effective. Plus, regular cleansing and exfoliation are important in removing pollution and prevents acne bacteria buildup. Book a facial today at Skin Remedy and we can customize a skincare regimen just for you!

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Skin Remedy of The Week
Revitalizing Hair Mask
Hair is an extension of the skin and just as everyone wants glowing dewy skin, we also want soft shiny luscious locks! This hair mask will bring your hair back to life in these dull winter months.
Luckily, many of us have these wonderful ingredients on hand in our own kitchens.
The coconut oil helps ease dandruff, nourishes dry hair and minimizes split ends. Honey has antibacterial qualities and induces shine. Banana keeps hair hydrated and smooths flyaway’s!

Here’e the simple recipe-
1 tblsp of honey
1 tblsp of cocnut oil
4 slices of banana

Simple whisk the ingredients together to form a paste, massage from scalp to roots (focusing on the ends of the hair where it’s most dry). Leave the hair mask on for 15-20 minutes then shampoo and condition as usual. For best results do this deep conditioner one to two times per month.

Happy New Year!
Our Skin Remedy of the week is the New Years Detox Mask!
Start 2015 right with a deeply detoxifying facial mask that will leave you feeling like you have new skin!
This mask has a base of goat’s milk yogurt, a natural lactic acid that smoothes skin texture and boosts natural hydration. In addition, oatmeal will act as an exfoliant and lemon helps to even skin tone. Yum!

For one mask, mix together:
2 tablespoons Organic goat’s milk yogurt
1 tablespoon fine ground oatmeal
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Apply mask to face and neck, wash away after 15 minutes.

Cheers to the New Year from Skin Remedy!

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Can’t wait to see you all in 2015!


We hope everyone is getting excited about their Holiday plans! Skin Remedy will be CLOSED..
*Christmas Eve and Christmas Day*
Otherwise, we will be open our regular hours and Katie will be here to assist you.

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Easy cranberry mask!

Treat your skin in a festive way with this easy cranberry mask!
Cranberries are not only a delicious addition to a holiday feast, but also have powerful rejuvenating and antioxidant benefits any time of year. The enzymes in cranberries help to slough off dry skin and boost your skin’s natural cell turnover. Vitamins A & C act as antioxidants in this mask, fighting free radicals and promoting healthy skin. Cranberries are also filled with B vitamins, which are healing and hydrating. Finally, the acidity of the cranberries act as a mild astringent.

Mask recipe:
6 oz of Cranberries
4 oz of almond yogurt
1. Boil the cranberries until soft
2. Strain and cool
3. Blend with yogurt
4. Apply mixture to clean face and rinse after 15-20 minutes


Save the date!

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