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Ice: The Perfect Spot Treatment

Got a big whopper of a pimple you’d like to get rid of? Ice it! A pimple that has become increasingly red and inflamed is the body’s immune response to fighting the build-up of bacteria within a clogged follicle. By applying ice to the area a signal will be sent to the body to calm down and pull back it’s army of white blood cells while constricting blood vessels to help reduce redness and inflammation. Just by icing for 5 minutes every day the size of the pustule should decrease day-by-day without causing the flakiness and dryness OTC spot treatments tend to do. Of course, we still want to keep the area clean, so before icing make sure the area is freshly washed and put a dab of an antiseptic on the little guy to neutralize bacteria.

courtesy of our lovely intern Erika Kum

Skin Remedy Of The Week:
Sunforgettable SPF 50

Happy Fourth! Summer holidays are a great time to get outside and celebrate! Skin Remedy would like to remind everyone to have fun and protect your skin while you’re outside. Our advice? Wear an SPF 50 or higher and re-apply every 80 minutes.

Colorescience “Sunforgettable” SPF 50 is an easy way to make sure your skin stays protected while you’re on the go and doesn’t have any of the greasy finish that comes with liquid sunscreens.
This water-resistant powder sunscreen contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide providing powerful UVA and UVB protection and Red Seaweed Extract Minerals for additional skin nourishment. Sunforgettable comes in three different shades and has a self-dispensing brush to allow an easy application on the go. This SPF can be applied over your makeup or on a fresh face and will give your skin a sheer, mineral finish.
Always remember, your SPF is effective for 80 minutes so a re-application throughout the day is vital to healthy skin.

Skin Remedy of the Week:
Vegetable Glycerin Cleanser

Our Skin Remedy Glycerin Wash is a non-foaming cleanser that gently and safely removes the excess dirt and oils from our faces. Unlike our other cleansers the Glycerin Wash feels similar to an oil-based cleanser but will not clog the pores. The benefits of a using a cleanser with this consistency is that oil attracts and binds to oil. This wash will be especially beneficial for removing makeup and excess oil without stripping and over-drying the skin.
The Glycerin Wash still provides the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties that every good cleanser should. It contains Vegetable Glycerin, Witchhazel, Arnica Extract, Hyaluronic and Salicylic Acid which provide powerful hydrating properties in addition to their focus on ridding the skin of bacteria, fungus, and inflammation.

Skin Remedy of the Week:
Green Tea Wash

This powerhouse cleanser is packed with skin healing ingredients such as Castille Soap, Goldenseal, Salicylic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid. These ingredients make it the go-to for skin that seeks gentle yet effective, pH balanced cleansing.
Castile Soap makes this a great wash for all skin types as it balances the oil production in oily skin types providing clean skin without stripping natural oils from our dry skin clients. Goldenseal makes this cleanser unique as it works to provide antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties during your morning and evening cleanse. Coupled with other powerful ingredients it will cleanse the skin from all impurities, fight free radical damage, and work to reduce inflammation, infection, bacteria, all without stripping your skin of necessary moisture.

Skin Remedy re-packaging

Skin Remedy has been working hard at re-packaging our skincare line. This is the perfect time to share with all of our Facebook followers why our personal skincare care line is the best in the biz!
All of our Skin Remedy products are custom-made with only the safest, organic and most effective ingredients. Skin Remedy Skincare means no extra additives or unsafe ingredients.

Our Skin Remedy Wash is the featured product of the week and it contains ingredients which are sure to give you results no matter what your skincare concern. Skin Remedy Wash contains Castile Soap which has a mild pH to gently wash away the grime from the day. Arnica Extract, Chamomile, and Goldenseal serve anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and wound healing purposes which is perfect for every skin type. In addition our Wash contains Hyaluronic Acid which is the most powerful humectant in skincare. This is important because after washing off bacteria we always want to return our skin to a healthy and hydrated state.

Ensure your skin is always at its best and find your own Skin Remedy with Skin Remedy Face Wash. We look forward to seeing all of you!

“After Workout Breakouts Be Gone!”

Here comes the lovely warm weather! The time of year where we break out the tank-tops and skirts. Also, it’s a time where we tend to up our game at the gym, working hard to tone and feel lighter and healthier.

Often times, I get clients who complain of more consistent breakouts when they intensify their workout routine. More often then not, this is due to the fact that they’re not washing their face immediately following their workout. The best thing you can do is always wear clean workout clothes, and immediately remove them, hop in the shower and cleanse your entire face an body. However, sometimes our hectic schedules get in the way and we can’t shower immediately.

Here’s a great QUICK and easy anti-bacterial toner that you can bring with you to class or the gym when you’re unable to hit the showers immediately! This will assist in killing bacteria on the surface of the skin that causes those pesky breakouts!

You will need:
-A small sterile spray bottle
-Witch hazel
-Apple cider vinegar
-Essential oil (lavender, tea tree and lemon all all great)

-2 cups witch hazel
-1/4 cup of braggs apple cider vinegar
-15 drops essential oil

Mix together and shake before use! Use this before your workout to help remove makeup then again after when you can’t fully wash!

No excuses now! Happy exercising!

Skin Remedy

Skin Remedy’s pumpkin body scrub

scrub that tan off and “fall” in love with this recipe!

As summer turns to fall, it’s now time to scrub off that tan with this invigorating body scrub, And what better to do it then with this seasons favorite fruit!
Yes, pumpkin is classified as a fruit, packed with Vitamin A and antioxidants this ingredient, as part of a body scrub is amazing for many reasons, it has enzymatic qualities helping your skins own natural ability to exfoliate and smells delicious!…Here is the break down for all you hard core DIY peeps..
(you can also find pumpkin puree at Trader-Jo’s or at Wholefoods if you don’t want to make it the hard way)

*To create fresh pumpkin puree:
Use one small pumpkin
Cut off top near the stem
Cut both in half, then quarter
Remove seeds and pulp with a scoop or spoon into a bowl
Roast at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until fork tender
Peel the skin off with a butter knife
Pulse in food processor until smooth, water may be needed if very dry Freeze one cup at a time for future use

SR’s Pumpkin Body Scrub (you can store the remainder in a sealed container in the fridge or freezer for later use) all these other ingredients can be found at Trader-Jo’s or Wholefoods
½ cup pureed pumpkin (see above)
½ cup organic brown sugar (that is the scrub)
1 TBSP extra virgin olive oil
1 TBSP honey
Drop of vanilla, clove or cinnamon for an aromatic, seasonal experience

Mix in bowl
Apply to body, gently and slowly massaging the skin up, out and away. Preferably leaving on the skin for 5 min.
Rinse well and wash away with a mild cleanser
Apply favorite body moisturizer ( preferably the Skin Remedy body butter )
The best time to refresh tired skin is in the evening as the restorative properties of the pumpkin (vitamin A),

honey (hydration) and olive oil (vitamin E and antioxidants) can work its collective magic overnight. To get healthy glowing skin that is sure to get you in the mood for fall!

Enjoy! Justine

The Benefits of Oil and why ALL skin types Need It

From oily, to dry, to combination skin, ALL skin needs oil. Before you forego oils entirely as part of a healthy skincare regimen, read on!

Oils have some wonderful benefits, and it’s truly about finding the RIGHT oil for your particular skin type. They’re rich in healthy skin essentials such as moisturizing fatty acids, including omega-3, -6 and -9, which strengthen the skin’s lipid layer and help stabilize natural oil production, which means even if your skin is already oil rich, oil still breaks down oil- balancing even oily skin types.

Many oils contain powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and deep healing, moisturizing properties making it an extremely useful anti-aging potion.

At Skin Remedy, our lab is stocked with beautiful powerful oils to customize any facial treatment and even better, any at home skincare regimen! With the fall/winter season vastly approaching we suggest incorporating a oil into your nighttime skincare regimen which will boost your skins lipid barrier creating a strong, protective canvas to fight off any rugged winter weather!

If you’d like to learn more about your particular skin type and what oils are best for you then come see us! We love what we do and are here to help!

*Ask about our amazing Skin Remedy Treatment Oil, cold pressed and created with love by owner Justine Kahn. It’s even grown from her garden in Sausalito! Composed of Rosehip, Lavender, Geranium, Lemon, Verbena, and Chamomile. It smells divine and will keep your skin glowing and supple through the season.

Brighten Your Skin Through The Dull Season!

As the clouds arrive and winter sets in, now’s the time to lighten, brighten and focus on evening out skin tone and texture! Let us help you come up with the perfect winter home and service regimen to press the “reset” button on your skin and reverse aging skin and uneven pigmentation.

Many products which assist in reversing pigmentation (dark spots) also make your skin extremely sensitive to the sun. Without the proper protection while utilizing these effective products, your skin can actually become more damaged.

That’s why fall and winter are the best times to address these issues and vamp up your routine!

At Skin Remedy, we have both clinical and botanical at home skincare and professional facials to address all your concerns!

Make winter your most beautiful, bright, clear season and book your appointment today!

Skin Remedy