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A Few Reasons Why You Should Get Into A Facial Routine @ Skin Remedy

• Stimulates blood and lymph flow aiding to the flow of oxygen and bringing nutrients to skin and underlying tissues. This also assists in removal of waste product and toxins.

• Helps with dull, lifeless and congested skin.

• Assist in maintenance of tone in underlying tissue therefore, assisting to prevent wrinkles.

• Helps Skins Natural elasticity.

• Refines skins texture, making it smooth and increasing it’s ability to receive active ingredients.

• Contributes to cellular regeneration, helping to prevent premature aging.

• Gives the skin a more youthful appearance immediately.

• Assists in relaxing the nervous system, in turn assisting in relaxation of facial muscles.

• Assists in normal functioning of oil/water balance, keeping the skin supple and PH balanced.

• Aids in natural protection assisting imperfections from forming.

Best of all, our facials give you an absolutely gorgeous glow! Begin taking care of your skin NOW. It’s never too early and never to late to make an impact. See you @Skin Remedy!