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Ice: The Perfect Spot Treatment

Got a big whopper of a pimple you’d like to get rid of? Ice it! A pimple that has become increasingly red and inflamed is the body’s immune response to fighting the build-up of bacteria within a clogged follicle. By applying ice to the area a signal will be sent to the body to calm down and pull back it’s army of white blood cells while constricting blood vessels to help reduce redness and inflammation. Just by icing for 5 minutes every day the size of the pustule should decrease day-by-day without causing the flakiness and dryness OTC spot treatments tend to do. Of course, we still want to keep the area clean, so before icing make sure the area is freshly washed and put a dab of an antiseptic on the little guy to neutralize bacteria.

courtesy of our lovely intern Erika Kum