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I would like to start out by saying how very grateful I am for all the support you have shown us as we launch our fully re-branded line, Botnia. We have been working for years now to bring you simple skincare that truly loves your skin, and it means the world to us to have so much positive feedback from all of you who have been with us since the beginning.
Now that we have had the privilege to share that hard work with you, I wanted to be sure to take a moment to explain to you why we have revised the prices for the new Botnia product line.
As we continue to move forward, I have been carefully refining our mission as a responsible company. We are in the process of taking full control of our product line from whole plant to finished product in order to bring you skincare we wholeheartedly stand behind. Some ingredients we carefully source; some, we craft ourselves in our lab in Sausalito. Our focus is on buying locally, ensuring fair wages and working conditions for farmers, minimizing environmental impacts, and making as much as possible and growing as much as possible in our own gardens.
We are also working on sole-sourcing all of our raw botanicals. By purchasing each ingredient from a single farm or a single producer we are able to build the relationships that guarantee that our products are of the absolute highest quality. Furthermore, all of our new packaging is manufactured here in the United States from start to finish. To put it simply, these efforts mean that our ingredients are more expensive, but we know we can trust the products we are putting into your hands.
We have also turned an eye to the future and have hired Clayton Coker full-time to hand craft each product. Clayton has been a research Scientist for the last 8 years and is engaged in the further development of simple and potent products to care for your skin and protect its natural beauty.
We believe that our line of skincare is the very best. The new Botnia line may be more expensive than the Skin Remedy line of products, but they are a reflection of the costs associated with bringing you ethical, handmade, organic skincare of the absolute highest quality.