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Get Your Skin and Body Beach Ready with Dry Brushing

It’s that season again… Summer is upon us! Sunshine, BBQ’s, Music Festivals, The BEACH… Good times! Is your skin and body ready to “Bare It”?! Read on to see how you can assist in smoothing, evening tone and resurfacing that lumpy surface! And, if you’re one of those lucky ladies without cellulite then consider yourself extremely lucky- You’re ONE of the 10%!

What is cellulite anyway? Other then the bain of bikini season, cellulite is a condition in which the skin has areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled lumpy appearance. It is most common on thighs, buns, hips and belly. Although cellulite will probably never fully disappear, there are ways to improve its appearance. Here are some tips…. Eat well and exercise (duh!), Hydrate constantly, get regular massage, body scrubs and wraps.

Skin Remedy has an amazing body wrap called the Detox Remedy. This specific wrap uses high heat and detoxifying, antioxidant rich potions to assist in blood and lymph circulation, which in turn, improves the health and function of the entire body. Best of all, it can assist in weight loss and improve the appearance of that pesky cellulite. A great at home tip to use daily is dry brushing and what you do daily can have biggest impact on overall health and beauty. Dry brushing helps your lymph system get rid of toxins which in turn can assist in smoothing cellulite. Lymph is a fluid that collects toxins from cells and moves the toxins to areas where they can be eliminated. Dry brushing paired with our Detox Remedy Wrap will be sure to get your body Beach Ready!

Here’s what you do!

Use a natural bristle brush.
Start on dry skin before bathing.
Start at the feet/ankles and brush in long circular movements up toward the heart.
Always brush to the center of the body.
On stomach and armpits use a circular clockwise brushing motion.
Brush softly at first and eventually work up to firmer pressure.
After dry brushing, shower (cool water or alternating cool and hot is best)
Moisturize after showering- we use Skin Remedy’s Signature Body Butter or Body Lotion.
Repeat daily or as needed.