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Skin Remedy re-packaging

Skin Remedy has been working hard at re-packaging our skincare line. This is the perfect time to share with all of our Facebook followers why our personal skincare care line is the best in the biz!
All of our Skin Remedy products are custom-made with only the safest, organic and most effective ingredients. Skin Remedy Skincare means no extra additives or unsafe ingredients.

Our Skin Remedy Wash is the featured product of the week and it contains ingredients which are sure to give you results no matter what your skincare concern. Skin Remedy Wash contains Castile Soap which has a mild pH to gently wash away the grime from the day. Arnica Extract, Chamomile, and Goldenseal serve anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and wound healing purposes which is perfect for every skin type. In addition our Wash contains Hyaluronic Acid which is the most powerful humectant in skincare. This is important because after washing off bacteria we always want to return our skin to a healthy and hydrated state.

Ensure your skin is always at its best and find your own Skin Remedy with Skin Remedy Face Wash. We look forward to seeing all of you!